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About GSA

The Graduate Student Association (GSA) exists to advocate for the rights and interests of our diverse community, to provide for the enjoyment of social, cultural, and service-oriented events, and for the betterment of academic and non-academic life of all graduate and professional students at UC San Diego.


The Graduate Student Association represents the interests and concerns of graduate and professional students on campus, locally, systemwide, statewide, and on national levels. Through various activities and programming, GSA enriches the lives of graduate and professional students and advances their interests politically, academically, and socially. 


GSA strives to enhance the quality of life for graduate and professional students by creating and promoting leadership and professional development opportunities; by facilitating and fostering communication between students, faculty, staff, and administrators; by providing financial support for the many graduate/professional organizations and programs within the UCSD community; and by voicing the concerns of our constituents. To this end, we thrive to be learners inside and outside the classroom, global citizens and leaders, and a community of both academic scholars and social activists building on both.


  • To represent and promote the academic, social, and political aims of graduate and professional students
  • To establish effective communication channels among graduates and professional students, other student organizations, and with the academic and administrative units of the University
  • To represent the graduate and professional student community within the University community
  • To serve as an advocate of graduate and professional students needs ensuring that their concerns are heard and addressed
  • To provide services and funding to meet the special needs of the University's diverse graduate and professional student community
  • To advocate and lobby on political and social issues on behalf of graduate and professional students


In January 1969, the graduate students at UCSD asked all fifteen graduate departments to nominate a representative from their departments to come to a special meeting to initiate discussion of matters affecting graduate study and the welfare of graduate students. This discussion revolved around two central questions: (1) What is the appropriate form of graduate student representation on the Academic Senate; and, (2) What form of organization can best serve the diverse interests of graduate students from several departments. This group of students was called the "Graduate Student Representatives". In June of 1970, this same group of graduate representatives renamed themselves the Graduate Student Council and later in June of 1984, changed their name to the Graduate Student Association. Although the name has changed, the issues still remain the same. The Graduate Student Association works on behalf of all graduate and professional students to advocate and represent the issues, needs, and concerns of graduate/professional students at UCSD. What started with 15 department representatives and two fundamental issues has now grown to over 60 departmental representatives addressing multiple varied, complex issues. We are your voice and are proud to work on your behalf!