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Basic Needs

Welcome to the Basic Needs resource page for Graduate and Professional students. There are a number of resources on campus that can help relieve food and housing insecurity. Our goal is to help you access them and provide programs that aim to serve UCSD graduate students. In addition to the resources listed here, there are more programs and resources found at the Basic Needs Hub.

CSA Program

What is the Graduate Student CSA program? A collaboration with Garden of Eden Organics to provide free or discounted fresh produce to graduate students to alleviate food insecurity in our community.
What is provided in a CSA box? Individual sized boxes that we provide are usually 5 pounds of seasonally available organic produce. They include fresh fruits, leafy greens, root vegetables, mushrooms, herbs or fresh veggies

The goal of this program is to provide access to fresh produce and involve our community in supporting local organic farms. Access the CSA program for more information.


CalFresh is available to graduate students. The following resources contain information on how to apply or confirm eligibility for CalFresh: CalFesh Eligibility and CalFresh Application.

Triton Food Pantry

The Triton Food Pantry provides staple foods and produce to students for free. There is a 10 points/week limit, with pantry staples being worth various points. Produce does not count to the point total but is limited in how much you can take. There are two locations on campus, one in Student Center A, and the other in OMS. You can visit Triton Food Pantry Services for more details.


The Basic Needs Off-Campus Housing website is a place to search for roommates, create roommate profiles, and review property listings for rooms, apartments, and shared rentals.

Emergency Housing is also available through Basic Needs program.

These resources exist to support students in emergency situations only and are triaged through a needs-based assessment.


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