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Reserve a GSA Space

There are two GSA spots available for reservation: Graduate Student Lounge.   The Graduate Student Lounge is located in the old student center across from Porter's Pub. The GSA does not make reservation for Cafe Vita, now renamed The Lounge. The Lounge is located under the housing office in One Miramar Street Apartments. Please contact Mesa Housing staff to make reservations to The Lounge.

Reservations must be made 48 hours in advance. Double check the GSA Events Calendar for reservations already made. 

If alcohol is to be consumed in the Graduate Student Lounge for any number of people, an alcohol permit is required to be submitted 3 weeks in advance. Please contact the GSA advisor ( for the Facilities signature on the form.

Please clean up after yourself and respect these spaces! If alcohol is consumed, make sure to follow the permit guidelines; please do not allow alcohol outside the venue premises.

Thank you.