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Funding Guidelines

To promote the equitable allocations of student fees and sustainable growth of student organizations, The GSA Office of Financial Affairs has adopted certain funding principles to review requests for the upcoming year.  Please note that no more than $7 per graduate student will be funded per event.

Any graduate student in good standing can request GSA funds.  Student Orgs requesting any type of funding from GSA must meet AT LEAST one of the following for their event to be considered for funding:

  • Primarily benefit the graduate students (If graduate students are not the overwhelming majority of the beneficiaries, other sources of funding should contribute appropriate shares of the cost)
  • Works to Advance student interest and wellness
  • Contributes to the UC San Diego community
  • Develops leadership and communication skills

If you are a student org requesting funds from GSA, then you must meet ALL the criteria for your event to be considered for funding:

  • Principal members must be graduate students only
  • The organization must be registered with Center of Student Involvement (CSI)
  • Triton Activity Planner (TAP) must be created to plan the event which is considered for funding

List of Items GSA Will Not Fund

  • Events that charge admission fees to UCSD Graduate Students
  • Alcohol or controlled substances
  • Stamps and postage
  • Parking Permits and reserved spaces
  • Payment of fines, violations or late fees
  • Raffle tickets and prizes
  • Association/membership fees
  • Travel costs
  • Gifts and giveaways
  • Services or labor provided by any UCSD student
  • Prizes and other items perceived as items for student’s personal gain/use
  • Apparel
  • Scholarships, direct deposit or monetary donations
  • Items deemed hazardous by UCSD EH&S
  • Off campus Events
  • Website hosting
  • Any non-listed items that violates university policy

The request must fall within the University's legal guidelines for funding activities with student activity fees. You can read the Regents Policy here.                        

  1. Money must be spent in the manner listed on the approved request.
  2. You must fill out a performance agreement to hire or fund the travel of outside speakers, DJ's, etc. Please contact the VP Finance for more details.
  3. All advertisements must include the line, "sponsored by the GSA" or "in part by the GSA".
  4. You must send an e-mail with the finalized advertisement to at least 5 days before the council meeting in which the funding request will be discussed. After council approval, the e-mail will be forwarded to the listserv and distributed to all graduate students. "
  5. You should send e-mail(s) to with a reminder of the time and date of any funded event in case anyone wishes to attend or get info. If you receive an automated spam-guard rejection notice in response, e-mail the GSA President / Chief of Staff to be added to the "safe-list" of e-mail senders.       

Funding Tips

  1. A department / event representative should attend the Finance Committee and Council meetings at which the request will be discussed because requests cannot be amended without a representative from the requesting department or organization.                         
  2. Requests must be approved by both the Finance Committee and the GSA Council before any funds are spent.                         
  3. General Request Funds, Academic and Professional Request Funds, Diversity Request Funds, Service Request Funds, Family Friendly Funds, Early Request Funds and Lounge Improvement Funds are competitive and first-come first-served.
  4. Retroactive requests will not be considered.                
  5. Strictly follow the reimbursement procedure to avoid unnecessary delays.
  6. Recurring events are funded based on the total number of unique graduate students in attendance over the course of all the events.


If you have any questions, please email the VP Financial Affairs.