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Reimbursement Procedure 

A completed reimbursement packets contains:

  • Attach the original receipts of your purchase (Food bills, Supplies purchase, Imprints) and proof of payment (Bank Statement, Credit card Statement)
  • Attach the funding bill associated with your event which you shall receive once the funding request is approved by Council (It should take us 2 business days to email you with the funding bill).
  • The original sign-in sheet or a copy needs to be attached. The template for the sign in sheet will be sent out with your funding bill after it has been approved by the council.
  • If funds were requested for programming with events of multiple dates, please submit a separate reimbursement form, bills and receipts, and guest list for each event.                 
  • Keep in mind, Funds are NOT released except as reimbursement for expenditures.                 

Completed reimbursements packet are to be submitted to the GSA Fund Manager - Jamie Atkinson in the Student Life Business Operation Offices on 3nd floor in Price Center. 

Remember: Reimbursement requests must be submitted within fourteen days of the funded event or purchase.


Some things to remember:

  • Any delay in submitting the reimbursement packet would cause unnecessary delays in processing the request and/or penalized by reduction in funding. There is no guarantee for reimbursement if submitted more than 14 days after the event or after June 10th.
  • If the actual attendance is less than the estimated attendance in the funding bill, the finance committee will review the bill and decide on the penalty.
  • Only one reimbursement packet has be submitted for each event.

Reimbursements for Department per Capita (DPC) are handled by your own department. Contact your graduate coordinator for more information. Reimbursements for DPC must be completed and submitted by Oct 15th at noon.